Education Ministry

The main aim of this ministry is to teach the principles of God and to follow the guide lines of Jesus as he touched lives and brought about changes in the personalities of those with whom he came into contact.

This ministry covers the following areas at Messiah’s House:

Spiritual Education Hour

Mission Statement:

Training each child to live in Christ today, for life with Him tomorrow.

On Sunday mornings, commencing @ 9:00am and lasting for one (1) hour  is the period of time spent in teaching and interacting with children of all ages as we endeavor  to lead them to Christ. These sessions are geared to children and youth of all ages. The use of technology help to reinforce lessons relevant to this age and sound biblical doctrines  are taught.

Class  ranges: 2 –5, 6-9, 10-12, 13– 15, 16 + years.


  • Persons who are gifted in the area of teaching.
  • Persons to prepare bible lessons on a weekly/ monthly/ Quarterly basis.
  • Persons gifted in the area of Technology—preparation of lessons

Adult Spiritual Bible Classes

Within the Education hour, between our two (2)  services on Sunday mornings is the area where the adults of the church meet and have discussions on varying areas of the Christian life and growth. Sound biblical doctrines on social issues are addressed and great biblical knowledge is imparted.


Your attendance and participation

Junior Church

This area takes care of children  six (6)years old and under, during the  preaching segment of the Worship Celebration Service. This gives the parents of these youthful ones the opportunity to give  undivided attention to the preached word.

Activities geared to suit this age  group are used to help reinforce the Bible lessons taught. Craft activities are a big part of this area as this age group have something to take home to remind them of the lesson and memory verses taught. Light refreshment are served.


Persons  gifted to teach this age group (six 6 years and under)

Persons to assist the teachers. Workers are rotated so that each person only works one (1) Sunday a month thus allowing workers to be a part of the Worship Celebration for the remainder of the month.

Persons to prepare the light refreshments

Self Improvement Courses

Over the past three (3) years at different intervals, classes in various vocations were held to equip  members with the abilities to upgrade their lively hoods. Courses were already held  in Auto Mechanics  and sewing. Other areas of interest such as cooking, floral arrangements, Hair-dressing, tailoring and electrical installation are being sought.


Persons qualified to teach these areas of interest for a term / duration of eight (8) weeks per course with a extension of advancement if needed..

Vacation Bible School V.B.S.

This ministry that has grown over the years is held annually for two (2) weeks commencing on the second week of the school’s summer holidays. It is a heavily utilized ministry as children from as far as St. Philip and St. George as well as our surrounding districts and other areas of St. John look forward to attending each year.

The daily sessions run from 9:15am to 2:45pm with cooked lunches being served daily. The emphasis is on spiritual education and craft. As in every area of the Education Ministry, activities are geared to equip and develop the spiritual and social development of our attendees. Professional personnel are invited to attend and address in different  areas of social life as we make sure that our youth are education in every stage of life and are instilled with values that will benefit them in years to come.

There is also a tour to places of interest each year.

Daily attendances always range above 100 persons, ranging in ages from  4 years to teen.

Due to this area being so heavily utilized there is a great need for volunteers to assist in every area at V.B.S. each year. Our goal is to have volunteers who will greatly impact the work load of the ministry.


  • Volunteers to:
  • Prepare Lessons.
  • Prepare meals ( in house /pre-done)
  • Donations toward food preparation.
  • Persons gifted in the areas of craft.
  • Persons who can offer in sight and ideas that can improve the develop of all children who attend.
  • The presence of males to work with the young men.
  • As many adults as is possible to attend and assist with the control of such a group of young children

Primary school Bible Quiz

In an effort to make sure that the Primary schools in our surrounding  areas maintain an active study of the bible, we host an annual Primary School Bible Quiz. The initial quiz targeted the Primary Schools in St. John, but to date have extended to two (2) in St. Philip giving a total of five at our last Quiz. These being  Mt. Tabor , St. John’s , St. Margaret’s, St. Mark’s  and St. Philip’s Primary. We will be extending further in the coming year as we will extend an invitation to St. Jude’s Primary.

This initiative has been readily accepted   by the schools and this quiz is held annually on the 1st Saturday of July. The book / chapters of study is decided by a committee.

Each participant is rewarded and each school presented with a monetary contribution as well as a trophy for the winning school.


  • Persons to sit on committee as well as teachers to give insight into formatting of questions
  • Sponsors of prizes

Ministry to Schools

Each year we offer a The Messiah’s House Student Citizenry Award to the Primary schools in St. John as well as  St. Mark’s Primary.  This award, in the form of a gift certificate is made available for presentation at the school’s Graduation Ceremony by a representative of our congregation. It is presented to the student the school’s choosing, who best embodies the attitudes of:

Compassionate care for the welfare of their peer;

Diligence applied to the assigned tasks (both academic and non-academic);

Respect shown for authority and for elders.

As ministry to the Primary we also host the graduation ceremonies as requested.

Additional  activities

In addition to the afore mentioned areas, this ministry also engages in the educational and building up of persons with the aid of conferences and workshops.

We also engage in some social activities such as Kite Flying competitions, Children’s parties and teachers picnics and tours.