Education Ministry

A Food Pantry

At Messiah’s House we currently provide food through our Food pantry, free of charge, to families and individuals in need. We rely on the donations of non-perishable food items from members, and the church provides additional funds to bolster the donations. Supermarket vouchers are also be supplied (when available) to allow some individuals to purchase perishable food items. Food Donations can be place in the barrel located in the foyer of the church, and food vouchers can be supplied to any member of the New Hope Committee. A pre-screening process is in place as only pre-screened persons may receive assistance on a regular basis. Allowances will be made for those persons requiring emergency assistance to receive food prior to our screening process. The Ministry also makes donations to the Sterling Children’s Home and have in the past assisted the AIDS Food Bank.

Emergency Relief

Persons requiring assistance beyond food items are also assisted with either bills being paid on their behalf or assisting in whatever way the Ministry deems is appropriate for the individual case. Only persons who meet with one of our Social Workers and have been screened will be eligible for this type of assistance.

Back to School Assistance

Persons requiring assistance with books, uniforms and so forth are also taken care of under this Ministry. Again candidates are screened prior to vouchers or the actual items required being handed over. Vouchers (when available) are purchased from reputable companies so that persons can pick out the requisite school supplies.


The Sterling Home is usually provided with gift baskets annually, but the Committee is seeking to expand our assistance to at least two to three times per year. The AIDS Bank has been helped in the past and we will continue to do so if necessary. Any other worthwhile ventures by individuals or charities will be supported (funds or resources permitting) such as feeding the homeless, supporting breakfast clubs and so forth.